Fuchs FP.1

[Patent No. D623,574]

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Fuchs Performance Group designers and engineers spent countless hours refining and optimizing every line, curve and radius of the FP.1 forged alloy wheel.

To achieve an exceptional balance between form and function, Fuchs wheels are manufactured using the most advanced drop-forging technology. This method results in proper grain structure, creating the strength and high performance that Porsche owners expect.

A wide range of custom finishes allow owners to make Fuchs wheels uniquely theirs. While many people will choose the FP.1 wheel for its beauty, there are equally important performance benefits:

Reducing Unsprung Weight

Unsprung weight is the mass of all the components directly affected by road shocks (tires, wheels, brakes, etc.). These vibrations are transferred to the steering column and the vehicle body. Reducing this mass is critical. Using a forged aluminum wheel in place of a cast aluminum wheel can save weight (up to 25%) resulting in a more comfortable ride, better braking, quicker acceleration, more agile handling and better fuel efficiency.

Increased Brake Cooling

The metal in forged alloy wheels is denser and therefore a better conductor of heat. This improves heat dissipation from the brakes, reducing risk of brake fade under demanding conditions.

Added Rigidity

The added strength of a forged alloy wheel not only adds a margin of safety but can significantly reduce wheel/tire deflection in cornering. This is particularly critical during hard driving and the use of modern high-grip tire compounds.

Surface Finish Quality

The same density and lack of porosity that endows the FP.1 with its strength also results in a lustrous surface that can be polished to a consistent and smooth shine.